• Welcome guests to Yuuka's room. Let me tell you what was found here. There are two leather black gloves with bite marks on the floor. Yuuka's blanket is also on the floor and there are little droplets of blood around the entrance to her room.

Welcome guests to the crime scene. Let me tell you what was found here. The railing on the stair seems loose. There is a bloody pocket knife around the very top of the stairs. There are blood droplets on the steps with a splash of blood at the very bottom.

Welcome guests to the morgue. Poor Yuuka's journey ended short and this is where the bubbly emerald-haired girl ended up. Yuuka's body has multiple bruises on it, most prominently around her shoulders and thighs. She also has a big gash/wound on her right shoulder. The top of her head also looks a bit crushed and fractured. Her teeth look a bit bloody as ell as if she was struggling or something

She tried to run down and alarm me as I was in the kitchen preparing food but the killer caught up to her and pushed her down. At the end, Yuuka unfortunately landed on her skull - fracturing it and killing her immediately. Also, the droplets on the stairs was because the killer had stabbed her on her right shoulder with a pocket knife.

eaning he ambusher her

i think he ambushed her and started to strangle her which caused the bruises. She bit him and that is where the blood on her teath came from

then she ran to the stairs and killer caught up to her and stabbed her on her right shoulder he got the bruises on her thighs from falling down the stairs