"Oh, what a tangled web you are weaving. You think you are so smart, now don't you? I have something else to say to that, your plans all went in vain as I know what happened to Gillian that devastating night.

Poor Gillian was sleeping in her bed peacefully, unfortunately that wasn't for long. You came in through the window but you did a sloppy job as the vase next to it, fell and broke. Gillian was alarmed, woke up and saw you. She got up quickly (explaining how her bed was unmade) and bolted through the doors (explaining how they were open) but she was just too slow. You ran to her and pulled her by her hair closer to you (which explains her hair being pulled off) and then you put a napkin that had chloroform on it on Gillian's mouth. She struggled and scratched your arm causing the skin tissue to go underneath her fingernails, but she was unconscious very soon. You threw the napkin on the ground which explains why it was near the door and it also accounts for the white cloth found around her nose at the morgue. You then dragged Gillian's body and threw it at the aquarium, breaking it and killing her. All the fish and glass came out and that explains how there was lots of blood all the way there. The impact and the glass is how poor Gillian died.

You think you're so smart, don't you Shinya but I got my eyes on you and I know that you are the heartless killer."